Gohmert: “Suffer not a witch to live!”


By W.H. Gavescon, Friday, June 21, 2013

WASHINGTON—Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX 1st District) has taken to quoting scripture lately. “Exodus 22:18,” said the Texas 1st District Representative at a rally sponsored by the Republican Study Committee (RSC), Thursday, “Suffer not a witch to live!”. Unusually forceful in his language, Rep. Gohmert was wrapping up a speech advocating a bill that called for stricter regulation of witches’ covens and other occult related organizations in several states along the Mississippi River Basin. Supported by 17 members of the House Tea Party Caucus (as well as 3 House Democrats), the bill is set to go to committee next week but is already receiving harsh criticism over First Amendment and other concerns. One of its authors, Rep. Gohmert maintains that, building on provisions of the NDAA, the bill enhances the ability of the NSA and the FBI to monitor witches and would put into place “reasonable and common sense” provisions for cracking down on some of the Mississippi Delta’s more notorious covens. (Gohmert likens these provisions to anti-gang legislation. He also claims they have precedence in the anti-sorcery statutes of Arkansas and Alabama.)

Said Gohmert, concluding his speech, “Folks, our forebears burned witches. If you believe Exodus, we ought to do the same. All we are advocating for is a superior tool for law enforcement. All we want to do is fight terror—at home, just as we do abroad.”

For recent comments having to do with ‘burning’ and ‘fire’, Rep. Gohmert has come under fire himself, according to some on the RSC. One source explained to me that, last Tuesday, on Capitol Hill, at an informal gathering of the bill’s narrow circle of supporters—known by its detractors as ‘the Pendle Hill Club’ or simply ‘the Pendlers’—Gohmert was accosted by three other members of Congress, including Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL), who proceeded to rebuke the bill, calling it “idiotic” and Gohmert a “cretinous hayseed”. Capitol police were called to intervene when, at some point, a Pendler seated behind Rep. Wasserman-Schultz managed to briefly set her skirt on fire with a cigarette lighter. No arrests were made—and, according to this source, the ignition of said skirt had been meant as a joke—but the whole affair has cast a pall over Mr. Gohmert’s anti-witchcraft campaign.

About last Tuesday’s incident, the offices of both Rep. Gohmert and Rep. Wasserman-Schultz have declined to comment.

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  • Do you know the bills name he is supporting? I tried looking for it, but this is the only source for this story.

  • lynnsdecor

    Can you please let me know more about this, like which bill it is in? I do not see any other info on this except in your blog. Thank you.

    • Angrimm

      I foundthe bill itself. It isn’t likely to go through at all but here ya go.http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr1586/text

      • lynnsdecor

        That is just to get a plaque put on a building…it has nothing to do with the FBI spying on covens or seeing witches as terrorists.

  • susan12753

    Considering there are absolutely no other references to this online, I suspect this is a fabrication. If this is a fabrication it isn’t funny. Not one bit. Pagans have a hard enough time as it is. We don’t need this kind of press, thank you very much.

  • fatboyardee

    Yah, after looking through a couple of different search engines, this is either a really really big scoop, or pretty close to an utter fabrication. While I’m definitely not a fan of Gohmert’s, getting him for stuff that is better documented is a better way to go.

    (Had my doubts when searching for “Pendle Hill Club” on google and duckduckgo showed a lot about Australian football, and nothing about the US … oh, wait, here’s something – “The trials of the Pendle witches in 1612 are among the most famous witch trials in English history,” So it’s either a semi-secret GOP anti-witch cabal (yeah I went there), or it’s … Sorry, too much coincidence on this one.)

  • e_a_koetting

    This is yellow journalism at its worst. As a writer, I’m embarrassed for you. As an occultist, I’m quite offended that you would put this garbage out there. As a human, I’m saddened by the fact that you’re not able to write legitimate articles, and that this is the best that you can do.

  • trclark81

    The Lady Liberty League has confirmed with admala that this is a hoax. This was intended, for better or worse, to be satire. Eventually people will figure out that Pagans are regular folks and not just the butt of jokes.

    • trclark81

      Reportedly Wasserman-Schultz’ office has confirmed that this is false as well.

  • Cinnamond

    Hello! This is a satire! And a well written one to boot!

    • Bob Knows

      This is just hate speech. Shame on the authors and shame on every other hater who blindly repeats its hate.

    • FaeKJones

      Yes, this is satire, but as to its being well written satire, that is a matter of opinion. The article is neither witty nor sarcastic, nor does it point out any foibles through the use of irony. Those are the most common marks of satire, and most readers of the notable satirists come away from their writings clearly understanding it as such, with the added acknowledgement of such writing’s humor. This article is written such that it, in my opinion, is fear mongering rather than especially cognizant satire. As witnessed by the comments posted here and those posted with every share of this article on social media that I have seen, the use of it to point out the politician’s “witch hunt” of a totally different sort as being that of a literal witch hunt is distasteful and has generated quite a bit of negative feedback, including valid concerns of public and ongoing persecution by a group of people who do not deserve it. To reiterate what others have said, there is no humor in what has been written here.

      • FaeKJones

        A correction to my comment:
        ” public and ongoing persecution OF a group of people who do not deserve it”

  • Bob Knows

    This is just hate speech. Shame on the authors and shame on every other hater who blindly repeats its hate.

  • sniperofbuffalo

    Last time the Christian scum decided to pick a fight with us, we fought back. Not a very good idea to pick a fight with Vikings/Norsemen. Bring it, both my axe and sword are thirsty.